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Yes.. yes.. yes.. I’m all for absolutely minimizing any sort of Moms Know Best Shirt  testing or captive scientific breeding. I can also get behind the doctor telling me “ Your daughter is very ill sir.. but don’t worry. We can cure her.. “I’m also a big fan of “ Your wife is in a very early pregnancy sir and we’ve detected a genetic aberration that we cannot mitigate and here are your options”

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As the saying goes Prevention is better than a cure these cloned monkeys could save billions of lifes and cure a lot of diseases now isn’t that better than having no Moms Know Best Shirt   cure at all I’m sorry but if I needed a drug that would cure me or help me to survive that has come from these 2 monkeys I wouldn’t turn it down because I felt sorry for them the fact is life sucks sometimes you have to get on with it

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Moms Know Best Shirt
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I love the idea of restoring extremely endangered or extinct species using these techniques, but creating more animals to be tortured for research? No. Animal research is Moms Know Best Shirt Ellie Villegas I believe they already have a cure for some cancers. But way to much money being made on the pain and suffering of many

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