Son Shirt

I’m A Proud Son Of A Freaking Awesome Mom Shirt

I too, am going through the intense struggle of dealing with VERY similar symptoms of pain and joint problems that you have. For me, it’s my left side of my body. It all started with my hip as well. I was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and had a invasive hip...

Mother And Son Best Friends For Life Shirt

The number of firearms since 1994 has increased 56%. That’s pretty substantial. Whatever the Mother And Son Best Friends For Life Shirt is, it’s substantial. A lot of guns have been purchased since 1994. Fifty-six percent increase over what it was in 1994. But what about the gun murder rate?...

I Love My Son To The Moon And Black Shirt

Exactly you going to talk the talk. Walk the walk. I'm waiting to see no more gated mansion oh yea no more security guards and let us not forget no guns. I'm still waiting!!!When will you coexist? When are you going to live like the hard working Americans and get...

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