Awesome Kane Brown Signed Autograph shirt

Awesome Kane Brown Signed Autograph shirt

I would not recommend anyone purchase from this store or online my daughter received 3 items from various family friends for her birthday and they did not provide the gift receipt I made a Awesome Kane Brown Signed Autograph shirt special trip to the closest store 45 minutes away attempting to make an even exchange simply to get the correct size for her only to rudely be told that they can’t help me because I don’t have the receipt this is something that is out of my control all items have the tags on them and still nothing I was told I could call the company against my better judgement I did only to waste another 30 minutes of my time I had to provide the item numbers just to be told sorry it’s policy we can’t do an exchange without the receipt this is just completely unacceptable to me people give gifts all the time and don’t provide a receipt if I was attempting to get cash back I could see the issue but i’m not I was simply trying to get the correct size now the people who purchased these items have wasted their hard earned money because my daughter will never wear the stuff and she is out a birthday present sounds to me like children’s place is the only winner in this situation shame on you children’s place definitely not a store I will be shopping in again and I will be sharing my bad experience with everyone I know. It’s like christmas in july amazon com prime day is here and we’re celebrating with honest deals throughout the day including up to 40 off diapers and wipes shop now and be sure to keep checking back. I did what I did before love came to town what a set at the apollo theater in harlem tune in today june 13 and catch the show on siriusxm radio 5pm et pt on the u2 experience ch 30 u2 rattleandhum horns angel siriusxm u2eitour u2apollo

Awesome Kane Brown Signed Autograph shirt, hoodie, sweater sweatshirt, long-sleeve For Men and Women

Awesome Kane Brown Signed Autograph shirt Hoodie
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Awesome Kane Brown Signed Autograph shirt Ladies V-Neck
Ladies V-neck

Awesome Kane Brown Signed Autograph shirt Longsleeve Tee Unisex


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The customer service is terrible I placed an order it didn’t get delivered due to the delivery agent changing the type of delivery I tell them that it was returned and I still need my items they tell me that I have to wait until it arrives then an additional 14 days to get the item and if I wanted a Awesome Kane Brown Signed Autograph shirt refund I had to wait until they received an item mind you I never laid eyes on it before they could issue so now I am waiting almost a month for items I ordered because they used the worst carrier service ups to deliver then I place another order and they cancelled two items off the order due to not having but low and behold they still selling the items on the website as available so when they told me they no longer had the items in the warehouse for my order I guess that was a lie because they were still selling them once again waiting another 14 days for those items as well I spent hours yes hours on the phone with them took several calls and really nothing is resolved because I don’t have any of those orders I placed I have 2 other orders I am hoping won’t have an issue but with this company it is more than likely they do nothing for you when it is there error they provide no incentive for mistakes there credits are misleading because you have to spend certain amounts before you can even use and you can’t use it on certain sales items rip off like another customer said I will be going back to carters and old navy until they learn how to treat customers and do better with their distribution centers orders tracking and shipping. 30 days of new new day thirteen new selfie ready detail perfector brush strategically designed bristles create a soft airbrush effect visit our instagram page for details on how to win our daily giveaway available at all elf stores elfcosmetics com. Hey e l f when are you going to get your fair light cream palette back in stock been waiting almost a month and you don’t have it in stores around me scrapping the side of mine just to get by check daily and nothing I really don’t want to switch because i’ve finally found a foundation that works for me hopefully you get it back in stock soon sincerely a girl in need of her favorite foundation

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