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If those facts are right, then the Broad City – Yas Queen Shirt  prosecuting her should make pimp kutthroat and sex- buying allen testify and justify when the hell sex trafficking got to be legal. She can only defend her side so much. I️ believe she was defending herself against a man and an institution that has never been appropriate. How can people say that is fair lol!! It is not right to kill a man, but it is worse to imprison an innocent person for defending themselves.

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I️ would have done the Broad City Yas Queen Shirt thing if i was sold into sex slavery at 16. When she was sold into slavery at 16, if that is the story, then it’s like being raped. It isn’t ideal, but to kill an active rapist works. Control your penis and there will be no consequences. Is anyone doing research before they hop on this bandwagon? As a black american i’m the first to want to rally against unfair treatment and justice against others, especially other black americans. But from my research, this young lady is not completely innocent.

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V Neck
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Broad City Yas Queen Shirt

Look into things before you just follow suit.  I’m praying she gets free what she been through and that will mass a person up she deserve to be let free she made one mistake and she may had did what she did she been through alot i’m not judging her at all you have to walk in their shoes to know what they been through prayers going up for her and her family that is so very sad. Oh my god why ..

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