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You know what did not come up not one word, not one syllable not one reference to climate change or global warming at the Cool Swift Rep Tour Novelty Gift shirt united nations in the speech by president trump. Folks I wish I had confident comforting predictions about the media what I know is that no matter how bad it gets for them no matter how much audience they lose no matter how much money their parent companies lose they’re not gonna change the last thing they ‘re gonna do. I said if Grassley waits long enough the Democrats will come up with a woman claiming to be Kavanaugh’s secret Russian wife that trump paid Kavanaugh’s second wife to hire a bunch of prostitutes and urinate on the bed Obama slept in when he was in Moscow

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So I got a Cool Swift Rep Tour Novelty Gift shirt email rush you sound so confident about all this in terms of the way you describe the left and what they ‘re gonna do and what they’re thinking you can’t be that confident nobody is yes I can folks look I really don’t like talking about me and I really don’t like inserting myself into situations like this where I have nothing to do with it but experience guided by intelligence this has happened to me and not just one time. Obviously, you have Samantha Guerry who wants to support her bud her BFF Christine blase ford but shes not getting anywhere near naming Kavanaugh you note that’s the take away here, in fact, she makes it very clear not Kavanaugh. Cnn just called the november midterm election house of representatives for the Democrats there’s no need for anybody to vote now CNN’s already called the election particularly you people the democrats you’re not needed its over and its just a matter of time before you’re running the house of representatives

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Senator Hirono but really guess who’s perpetuating all of these kinds of actions its the men in this country and I just want to say to the men of this country just shut up and step up do the right thing for a Cool Swift Rep Tour Novelty Gift shirt change. This is probably foolish but I have the opportunity here and I’m gonna give it just a little bit of a shot over the years I have very rarely made personal appeals to elected officials on the belief that it would be unsuccessful wouldn’t work its probably still the case however if I had a chance to talk to Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins I would like to say just one thing primarily to them I just saw a little news report that they’re both wavering. Julie stick is 55 years old that makes her 18 to 19 years old from 1981 to 1982 so she is admitting to being 18 into 19 you’re no longer in high school unless they ‘ve kept you back a year I don’t think that’s the case here so shes admitting semi adulthood status at 10 parties where minors were drinking adult beverages and being gang-raped but she did’t tell anybody stick graduated high school in 1980

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