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Ultimately, DNA tests will be the unifying tool, but while these children are being sent all over the country their parents should be able to search for them in this database so that they can figure out where they are. How do we make this IDK IDC IDGAF T-Shirt? Who do I talk to? Can you do something about this to get it in the view of a decision maker?

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I can organize photographers. I am sure I can find someone to help build the IDK IDC IDGAF T-Shirt, but we need access. People know you- can you help this idea be known? Let’s get this together and fix this problem right now. This is a small planet with too many people and you want everyone (except you) to live with equal shares in this world.

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You have multiple houses, cars, property, fun vacations all the time. You cry about refugees who aren’t given a warm welcome into this country because our IDK IDC IDGAF T-Shirt are being ripped apart because the system we have doesn’t work and I don’t think that really bothers you. So wonderful meeting to designate 2 experts to help.

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