I’ll Bring The Drinks Shirt

I'll Bring The Drinks Shirt

You surely studied enough to realize that an embryo is more a part of the woman’s body than it’s own. It’s a minute cluster of as-yet undifferentiated cells. And if it has progressed to a more fully-developed form and found to be severely deformed, it’s not murder. It’s merciful. Would you force your wife to carry to term a fetus that had no chance of survival, or just a few I’ll Bring The Drinks Shirt?

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Or could live but in such a I’ll Bring The Drinks Shirt that to continue with the pregnancy itself would be cruel? then it is a unique human life”, then we need to put an immediate end to the removal of malignant tumors. They are the will of God and sacred human tissue. There is a very big difference between life.

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And a potential for life, and placing greater import or significance to a potential for life than the actual female human housing it is both unscientific and ridiculous. Matt i agree with abortion if the womans life is in danger and abortion will save her life. Other than that i believe adoption or an orphanage is the correct I’ll Bring The Drinks Shirt.

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