Nanatude Definition Shirt

Nanatude Definition Shirt

Not to mention doing drugs can disqualify you from a decent job so you can actually support yourself. This country cant keep enabling the Nanatude Definition Shirt. I know that one of the big reasons government decided to give public assistance to drug and alcohol addicted people was to “reduce their need to commit crime”.

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It didn’t work. Instead the government has given them free money (called cash aide in calif. Plus social security disability) to buy drugs, free health care to get drugs that they sell on the street, housing assistance, food stamps (cards) that they sell for 50 cents/dollar (in calif. They sell their pin. This Nanatude Definition Shirt is just another government boondoggle that is enabling and increasing the drug population.

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Need an incentive to get off welfare, maybe this will help but they will still get federal assistance and that is enough to live on the streets, down by the river, etc. Here’s the problem, if these people are denied food stamps because they fail a drug test… What happens then? The Nanatude Definition Shirt is so screwed up and simply cutting these individuals (and families) loose is a receipt for disaster.

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