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Gee your funny you make me laugh and you make my Shark Mom Shirt  I just finish work i read your comment i feel really good I can’t stop laughing I love it my sense of humour just kick in thanks for your comment. It is why China went all Big Brother on us… I give them a high five! I want us all to bring bowing back too. During Jane Austen’s time they bowed, and no one went anywhere without proper introductions and escorts.

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It was a time of strict propriety. If you were caught being bad, your reputation was never recovered. Look at Trump’s past lol All Shark Mom Shirt of it is funny to me. Pride and Prejudice. Pride is always a sin. It leads to all others. Absolutely our society is lacking morals.  I am responsible for what I write. It’s up to each individual to do their due diligence to Investigate what is true and or not true.

Shark Mom Shirt, V-Neck, Tanktop, Ladies T-Shirt

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Shark Mom Shirt

It’s not fair to put that blame on MZ or FB unless somehow they control what we get to see or not get to see then I feel differently. We don’t care. Stop spying on us. Stop enabling those with non-factual fake data. Stop enabling the Russians from interfering in our elections. Help get rid of Red Don! You’re speaking corporate speak to us and we don’t care. Marco Santos I don’t see any Shark Mom Shirt.

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