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I’m not telling you to keep it to yourself… only letting you know how disappointed I am that you think the way you do. Also … I’m letting you know that I cannot support your career any further with me having this knowledge.  I just wish you actors would STFU , do your job and act. I don’t want to hear about you loving or hating on the Sissy That Walk Shirt of our free country.

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What a let down. Shut up and act; but alas, you the believe in alienating your audience will help….  So sad to hear of your commitment, you should be using your platform to bring positivity and still respect the president office and not disrespect. I did not vote for President Obama at all, however he was the Sissy That Walk Shirt and I never disrespected him with any negative remarks.

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Remember who gifted you in your career GOD did. Be kind and humble don’t tear people down. Just saying. Omg have you all lost your minds? Isn’t this still the United States Of America where freedom of speech is guaranteed under our constitution? If you don’t care for his personal opinions then why oh why are you on the Sissy That Walk Shirt. So he said something you don’t like or care for… oh please get off your high horses.

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