US Navy Veteran Shirt

Us Navy Veteran Shirt

Because more kids and people die from drunk drivers than guns.Pot is outlawed by federal standards, yet people can get it. In Prohibition, liquor was outlawed and people could get it. What does this tell you about outlawing guns?Hey, dumb-dumb, one gun in a good guy/girl’s hand could have saved your classmates. You are the US Navy Veteran Shirt spouting nothing but BS.

US Navy Veteran Shirt, Hoodie, Sweater, Longsleeve T-Shirt

Us Navy Veteran Hoodie
Us Navy Veteran Longsleeve
Us Navy Veteran Sweater

If they ban guns can they ban knives, vehicles, peanuts, plastic, marbles, cigarettes, and any other tool that has killed people.We have to start by US Navy Veteran Shirt ourselves on what we do or say to one another. Its up to us! Making sure that things like this dont happen again. If you see a child molested, if u see signs of any trouble from anyone its time to speak up other wise its gonna happen again and again and again.

US Navy Veteran Shirt, V-Neck, Tanktop, Ladies T-Shirt

Us Navy Veteran V Neck
V Neck
Us Navy Veteran Ladies
Us Navy Veteran Tanktop

If young people really want change they have the power of “one” Get on your social media whatever it may be all over the world and tell everyone to watch “Amazing Grace And Chuck” made in 1987 This is your outline for change. Then plan a date to start your revolution. Only the strong only the US Navy Veteran Shirt only those who truly want change will make a difference. If you can get 80% the future adults of the world to join I believe you will see real change.

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