We Are All Scum Shirt

We Are All Scum Shirt

I guess if that’s what they want to do its their We Are All Scum Shirt but how can they afford 2 of these surgeries? They’re not cheap and i understand that they haven’t had full body transitions yet, but the medicines themselves have to be expensive. I need a hip replacement to walk and dental work to smile again, i can’t afford insurance or able to work fulltime because of pain. I’m not looking to change my gender, just be comfortable and smile again.

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We Are All Scum Hoodie
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Ok that is strange it’s hard to comment. Why didn’t the We Are All Scum Shirt do her transition by herself? These is a life changing thing for her child andto feel like you accomplished, something you do it by yourself. I wouldn’t do that to my child those are their accomplishments as a individual apart of there life happy for them both it should of been done individually. Daughter to be a son, father to be a mother?

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I didn’t get which way this is. The person on the We Are All Scum Shirt looks like a woman allready. This isn’t abuse at all. The child is happy and smiling. Explain to me how this child is hurt at all? If anything you’re disgusting with that attitude. “god” told us to accept and love all. Guess you can’t do that. Bible thumpers pick and choose what they want to follow out of the bible and then leave the rest behind.

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