Wife Shirt

Best Smartass Wife Ever Shirt

The other 27 million residents went on normally with their business knowing that Kim isn't the one targeting them with nukes ... he only has a Best Smartass Wife Ever Shirt  handful and one rocket launch ... and he has already made it real clear: he is aiming it at Trump...

My Wife Said No Shirt

This is great!! Now if the people who come across one in the My Wife Said No Shirt  would just let it be that’s would be great.I'm sure this criminal is not an undocumented person but an american citizen with an evil heart. To do something like that you got...

Don’t Hit On Me My Dad Is An Asshole T-Shirt

So good to read the words of an intelligent, thoughtful leader. We need him more than ever now, to counter the inexplicable an destructive behavior of the crook currently inhabiting the White House. I miss you sooooooo much.I don't know how you can stand seeing the swamp in the White...

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